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In 1992, the Human Performance Department of University of New Orleans took over as the Host Sponsor and remained so until August 2005. For the 1994 Games, Brad Hecker was the Program Director. After his first year he realized he could not do it alone, so for the 1995 Games he organized the Greater New Orleans Board of Directors with Sid Montecino as the first President, Bernice Bordelon as secretary and Robin Robert as Treasurer. After Brad's two years as Program Director, Sean Sellers, Weightlifting Coordinator, took over. UNO continued providing the Program Director, office space, storage space and some venues as well as guidance until Katrina damage the Arena.

UNO Athletics took over the Human Performance Building and the Human Performance Department was disbanded. We were now without a home. The Board contacted the Jefferson Parish Council to discuss possibilities of partnering with the parish to ensure that the games would continue.

The parish graciously agreed to help by providing a place for the equipment, use of their facilities as well as a Corporate Endeavor Agreement, which enable the Board to hire a Program Director.

We will always be indebted to the Jefferson Parish Council and the Recreation Department for the support that they have provided throughout the years.

Another import partner has been Peoples Health, who signed on in 2003 as a Diamond Sponsor. We could not have achieved our continued growth without their help and encouragement. We are appreciative for the contributions that they have made over the years and look forward to working with them in the future.